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About Us
Here at Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets we’re dedicated to helping make the storage areas in your home work for you. From custom closet design for any size closet to major garage storage overhauls and even smaller tweaks to your pantry, laundry room, or office.  All our pieces are manufactured just outside Philadelphia, and assembled by our trained professionals’ right in your home. With over 15 years worth of experience designing and building custom closets and cabinets for homes and businesses in the Tri-State area there’s no space too big, too small, to weird, or too cramped: no matter what your storage problem, we can make it work for you. 
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Made Only From the Best Materials

All of our custom closets and garage storage systems are made of industrial grade 3/4″ melamine laminated particleboard, which is better than the standard 5/8″ board typically used by our competition. The laminate on each board is thermally fused to the wood, making an incredibly strong bond and resulting in a solid-feeling final product that’s easy to clean and won’t wear down over time. All of our boards are cut on precision machinery ensuring our entire custom closet designs are level and plumb, and all of the notches, shelf holes, and grooves are perfectly aligned. As well, we use only the highest quality heavy duty European hardware to ensure each and every one of our custom closet systems will last a lifetime. We use full extension drawer glides to our slightly oval-shaped, chrome-plated closet bars, all designed for maximum stability and durability.

Custom Cabinets and Closets for the Life of Your Home

Unlike many custom closet manufacturers, all of our garage storage and closet systems are designed to be floor mounted rather than wall mounted. This ensures stability and longevity – you’ll never have to worry about your closet becoming too heavy for your walls to bear and potentially falling or causing injury. Our systems are both securely situated on the floor, and secured to the walls to prevent them from being unintentionally pulled over, offering the highest level of safety and durability.

Guaranteed No-Crack or Peel Finish

While many melamine and other plywood closet storage systems are finished with industry-standard .018″ PVC edge banding, at our Philadelphia plant we use a standard 2mm edging. Finishes are applied using an automatic machine that permanently glues the PVC under pressure, ensuring a much more durable seal than standard “T” molding that’s hand applied and can start to peel off over time. Our mechanized system and thicker edge banding protect your custom closet or garage system, sealing the edges of each board so they won’t crack or peel – guaranteed, or we’ll replace the part for free.

Installation is Included

Here at Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets, installation is always included in our quotes. We know that all you want is an organized space, not a pile of parts, and we’ll never charge to get your closet up and running. That said, all of our custom closet organizers and garage storage systems are made with “ready to assemble” locking furniture fittings that provide the tightest joints possible, but can be easily disassembled. If your needs ever change, all parts of our storage systems can be easily adjusted or even taken apart entirely and moved to a new location and reassembled without any loss of structural integrity. See Our Services for more information.

Designed Just For You

Each and every custom closet or garage storage unit from Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets is 100% custom designed with your needs in mind. We’ll even send a designer to your home to assess your space, your stuff, and how you use the space to store your stuff. They’ll find out what you love about your closet or garage, what you hate about it, what you need to store, how you store it, and exactly what kind of storage you need to make the space more usable. Our helpful, knowledgeable designers can help you figure out what closet solutions are out there, and can even help draft your new garage storage or custom closet design on the spot. Whether you need a big remodel or just a small addition, our designers know the right questions to ask to develop your perfect custom closet design, even if you aren’t quite sure what you need. They can even look over designs for new construction in your home or office and suggest ways to maximize your storage and closet space that your architect might not have thought of! See our Online Gallery.

Lifetime Limited Warranty 

The Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty only apply to the product sold hereunder. Standard parts and components are warranted in their original installation against imperfections in the material and workmanship. This Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defected component only at no cost to the Warranty holder. This Warranty applies under conditions of normal use for the stated, intended purpose of the product. This Warranty specifically excludes defects that result from intentional damage, negligence, installation by anyone other than the Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets specialist, re-installation or relocation of the product after initial installation, unreasonable use or exposure. Warranty applies only if all components and parts are provided and installed by Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets. Liability for incidental or consequential damages is excluded to the extent exclusion is permitted by law. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

The Best Price – Guaranteed

If you’ve already had your space assessed by another company, send us their quote and design for any melamine closet system and we’ll beat their price, guaranteed. Contact us to find out how.